The Consortium

EsoceCo-ordinator: ESOCE NET is a non‐profit making organization whose knowledge scope is focused on the Concurrent Enterprising (CE). The ESoCE Net mission consists of promoting research in the CE domain, enacting the sharing and exchanging of its latest developments, and performing a catalyst role for its adoption in Industry through focused initiatives to disseminate the knowledge and to support the first implementation of research results.

KiblaKIBLA is the first presentation and production institution in Slovenia which deals with multimedia and intermedia art and a yearlong cultural programme. It incorporates pure classical media but in a different context using them to support historical continuity of visual art and a bigger aesthetization and integration of electronic media.

EMFEMF is the Forum of e‐Excellence, the European cross‐stakeholders’network promoting excellence in the digital economy. EMF’s main objectives are to promote innovation, investment, employment and business expansion throughout the digital value chains, bringing together content and technologies.

MuseumImageCultural Heritage On Line implements at a European scale a business opportunity that is growing very fast within the so‐called culture economy. The final aim of Cultural Heritage On Line is to distribute the digital assets from the rich European heritage to international audiences through various media.

AthenaThe Institute for the Management of Information Systems ‐ IMIS is part of the Research and Innovation Centre in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies “Athena”. ATHENA RC/IMIS conducts research and participates in R&D projects in the area of data management and large-scale information systems.

EMForumThe European Museum Forum (TEMF) is an independent not‐for-profit organisation which is a charitable company registered in the UK, dedicated to promoting innovation in museum practice and encouraging exchange of best practice and ideas across Europe.


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