Participate! Low-cost Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology

“Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology” is the first crowd funded project related to Art Conservation Science.  It was launched by CHSOS (Cultural Heritage Science Open Source),, and it will last 2 month.

Learn about the project and participate!

For the first time, research funding will come from the final users of this new tool for scientific examination of works of art. Art conservation professionals of any nationality are invited to participate and add multispectral imaging to their skills and services.

We are counting on all the professionals that have been following the CHSOS website and have regarded it as a free source of valuable information for their work. Multispectral imaging systems are not invasive and are successfully used in art examination to map and identify artists’ materials (pigments and binders) and to enhance the reading of old documents.We propose to spread the use of this technology by developing a low-cost multispectral imaging system. If funded this project will benefit a transnational community of professionals involved in art conservation.

Participate to the first crowdfunded Art Conservation Science project



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