eCult Value project

eCultValue logoThe eCultValue project will support and encourage the use of new technologies that have the potential to revolutionise new ways to access cultural heritage and experiences offered by cultural resources in real and virtual environments or a mix of both.

eCultValue will look at technologies arriving from EU funded projects, promote these technologies to stakeholders who will apply them and relate technologies to showcase scenarios for easier up-take.

eCultValue plans the following activities:

  • A Catalogue of available technologies for Museums and Cultural Heritage collections
  • Creating an online-platform for knowledge exchange: The eCult Observatory (soon to come)
  • Summer Stages to train future eCult Ambassadors that support the take up of technological results stemming from research project
  • eCult Dialogue Days that brings together all stakeholders. The first Dialogue Day will be on the 19th. September 2013 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. More information

Triple Helix

eCultValue will involve all stakeholders in the cultural value chain, adapting the “triple helix” approach to the cultural environment, comprising technology providers, museums and other institutions with cultural heritage content and users such as young generation, visitors, artists…

Tips: Watch here “Impressions from the launch at the Kick-off meeting in Rome, 18/19 February 2013″

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